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2024 Housing Market in Texas. Where People Move

Monica Bresofski April 8, 2024

Texas - the land of wide-open spaces, friendly faces, and diverse offerings - continues to entice newcomers in 2024. But with numerous cities boasting unique charms and opportunities, where do you begin your search?
Let's talk about some of the housing markets in Texas in 2024 to help you navigate your journey.

Key Takeaways

  • Urban centers like Austin, Dallas, and Houston remain top destinations for job seekers in the housing market in Texas in 2024.
  • Suburban communities such as Frisco, Round Rock, and The Woodlands are attracting individuals and families seeking affordability and space within the housing market in 2024.
  • Rural areas like Fredericksburg, Marfa, and Wimberley offer a slower pace of life and closer connections to nature, appealing to those looking for a change from urban living within the housing market in Texas.
  • Coastal cities like Corpus Christi, Galveston, and South Padre Island continue to entice individuals with their beachfront lifestyle, contributing to migration patterns within the housing market in 2024.
  • Factors driving migration include job opportunities, housing affordability, quality of life, and climate considerations within the housing market in Texas.


Houston's beams across diverse sectors. Its cultural appeal is unmatched; Texas's largest city and the US's fourth, with 2.3 million residents. From world-class museums like the Museum of Fine Arts to vibrant street art scenes, Houston ignites artistic passion. Foodies rejoice in Houston with iconic Texan barbecue sizzling alongside Ethiopian stews and Vietnamese pho.
Economically, Houston packs a punch. Its $447.8 billion GDP ranks it 10th globally, making it a powerhouse for trade and energy. Innovation soars from the iconic NASA Johnson Space Center to the Texas Medical Center, the world's largest, where groundbreaking medical advancements happen daily.
Houston's cultural and economic prowess lies in its multifaceted identity. It's a city that continues to evolve, surprising and impressive in equal measure, earning its reputation as a truly big city with remarkable brilliance.
Pro Tip: While Houston offers diverse pockets, research specific neighborhoods to match your lifestyle and budget.


The housing market in 2024 of Austin, Texas, is more than just the live music capital of the world. It's a booming housing market in Texas with a unique charm that attracts residents and businesses alike. Here's a glimpse into what makes Austin so brilliant:
  • Tech Powerhouse

    Tesla and Oracle call Austin home, fueling innovation and drawing a young, tech-savvy population. This drives the housing market in Texas, with Austin's population projected to reach 2.4 million by 2030.

  • Cultural Tapestry

    Live music pulsates the city, while world-class museums and art galleries add artistic flair. This cultural vibrancy in the housing market in Texas fosters a unique identity, attracting artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs.

  • Foodie Delights

    From sizzling BBQ to international flavors, Austin's diverse culinary scene caters to every palate. Renowned food trucks and trendy restaurants line the streets, making it a haven for gourmands.

  • Outdoor Escape

    Nestled amidst rolling hills and green spaces, Austin offers an escape into nature. Hike and bike trails meander through the city, while Lady Bird Lake provides a scenic backdrop for water activities.

  • Economic Hub

    Beyond tech, Austin boasts a diverse economy encompassing finance, healthcare, and education. This economic strength fuels the housing market in 2024, with Austin ranking among the nation's top 10 hottest markets.

    Pro Tip: Consider exploring surrounding suburbs like Round Rock or Leander for similar vibes with potentially more affordable options in the housing market in Texas.

Dallas-Fort Worth

Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) is a major Texas metro with a booming economy and diverse culture. It's the 4th largest US metro area, attracting talent and innovation across various industries. Some of the things which make DFW brilliant include:
  • Economy and Culture

    DFW offers a booming economy with diverse industries like aerospace, healthcare, and technology. The vibrant cultural scene has a mix of attractions and activities.

  • Housing Market

    Relatively affordable housing market in Texas compared to other major cities, with median home prices of around $400,000. While the housing market in 2024 might see some cooling, long-term growth remains strong due to job creation and in-migration.

  • Future Outlook

    Whether you're an aspiring homeowner, investor, or simply curious about trends, keep an eye on DFW - a Texan powerhouse with a bright future. Home prices in the housing market in Texas can also drop by more than 8% year over year, and sales will fall nearly 13%

    Pro Tip: Research commute times carefully within the metroplex, as distances can be deceiving.

San Antonio

San Antonio is booming in population growth, attracting diverse residents. Some of the reasons why people migrate to San Antonio include:
  • Thriving Economy

    San Antonio boasts a strong and diverse economy built on aviation, IT, and finance, contributing significantly to the housing market in Texas. While the housing market in 2024 sees statewide price surges, San Antonio offers relative affordability, making it an attractive option for newcomers and further boosting its economic engine.

  • Smart City Initiatives

    San Antonio is innovating by implementing a 5-point roadmap for public service and quality of life improvement using technology and data. This forward-thinking approach positions San Antonio as a leader in smart city initiatives and enhances its appeal as a place to live, work, and invest.

  • Affordable Housing Magnet

    In the housing market in 2024, which is defined by rising prices across Texas, San Antonio stands out. Compared to other major metros, the city offers more affordable options in the housing market in Texas, attracting newcomers and contributing to its population boom.

    This affordability, coupled with a strong economy and innovative spirit, makes San Antonio a rising star in Texas, poised to become a significant economic and cultural hub.

    Pro Tip: Explore the diverse neighborhoods beyond the Riverwalk to discover hidden gems.

The Woodlands

The Woodlands, Texas, exhibits characteristics of an emerging economic hub. Its population steadily increases, surpassing 120,000 residents, fueled by a booming job market (1.5 jobs per household) and diverse industries attracted by its unique master-planned community model.
This growth is reflected in the housing market in Texas, with The Woodlands experiencing a 7.8% year-over-year median home price increase in 2023, outpacing the state's average (6.1%).
The housing market in 2024 might see a slight cooldown, with experts predicting a slowdown in price growth nationwide. Despite this, The Woodlands' long-term outlook remains optimistic, driven by its commitment to sustainability, innovation, and community development.
Pro Tip: While The Woodlands offers convenience, remember it's a planned community with specific architectural guidelines.

Frisco and McKinney

Once considered an "up-and-comer," Frisco has solidified its position within the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. While the 2024 housing market in Texas has seen slight price adjustments, Frisco offers stability for investors.
Steady rental demand and low vacancy rates attract those seeking consistent returns.
McKinney recently grabbed the crown as the "Best Real Estate Market" in 2024, according to WalletHub. Texas boasts a thriving job market, diverse housing options, and appreciating home values.
Whether you're looking for a vibrant community to call home or a promising investment opportunity, McKinney presents an enticing proposition in the current housing market in Texas.
Frisco and McKinney will offer distinct advantages within the dynamic housing market in Texas in 2024. Whether you prioritize stable investment potential or a thriving community environment, these established players in the Dallas-Fort Worth area are worth exploring.
Pro Tip: Explore these suburbs' vibrant community events and festivals - a great way to integrate into the local scene!

New Braunfels

Cooling Texas housing market in 2024, New Braunfels shows signs of stability. While the statewide median home price has dropped 16% since January 2023, New Braunfels has seen a milder dip of just 7%. This stability attracts buyers seeking a blend of urban amenities and Hill Country charm.
New Braunfels' growing tech sector, nicknamed "Silicon Hill Country," could fuel demand for modern options in the housing market in Texas among young professionals. Additionally, the city's designation as a National Airport hints at future commercial flights to boost the market further.
Pro Tip: Consider the potential impact of tourism on noise levels and traffic when choosing a neighborhood.

Round Rock

Unlike other Texas cities facing a cooling housing market in 2024, Round Rock is bucking the trend with a projected 2-4% rise in median home prices. This growth is driven by strong job creation and steady in-migration.
The city recognizes affordability concerns and promotes homeownership through initiatives like the Round Rock First Homebuyer Program and down payment assistance grants. Community-focused developments like Veritas, featuring public parks and mixed-use spaces, also foster a vibrant and inclusive environment.
Round Rock's strategic focus on affordability and community building sets it apart in the 2024 housing market in Texas, making it a unique prospect for potential buyers.
Pro Tip: Utilize the city's extensive parks and recreation facilities for outdoor fun and community engagement.


Texas's housing market in 2024 is poised for continued growth but at a more moderate pace than the frenzy of 2022. Affordability remains a concern for first-time buyers. This is where Denton comes in. Denton's housing market in Texas offers relative affordability compared to major metros like Austin or Dallas.
This, coupled with its proximity to DFW job opportunities and a relaxed lifestyle, could attract budget-conscious buyers. Additionally, the presence of the University of North Texas contributes to a steady stream of renters and potential buyers, further influencing the local market.
While predicting the exact impact of Denton is challenging, its unique combination of affordability, location, and community vibrancy positions it to play a distinct role in Texas' evolving housing market in 2024.
Pro Tip: Immerse yourself in the vibrant arts scene by attending gallery walks or checking out local music venues.

What Drives the Move?

Several factors will propel Texas' vibrant housing market in 2024:
  • Strong Job Market

    Texas shines with a robust job market, projected to gain 284,000 jobs (2% growth) in 2024, exceeding pre-pandemic levels. This strength spans diverse sectors like tech, energy, and professional services, even with recent tech layoffs.

    This demand for skilled workers, coupled with a business-friendly environment and no income tax, makes Texas a magnet for companies and talent. However, the housing market in Texas paints a different picture for 2024.

    While price growth might slow after its rapid climb, affordability remains a concern, especially for newcomers drawn by job opportunities. It's crucial to remember that the housing market in Texas varies greatly across different cities and regions, so further research on specific locations is essential.

  • Cost of Living

    Living in Texas generally means lower costs than the national average, thanks to no state income tax. However, the picture gets complex with housing.

    While the 2023 housing frenzy has subsided, 2024 might see a modest price increase due to limited available homes. While mortgage rates remain high, sellers might hold the advantage. Texas is affordable, but consider location - housing costs can differ dramatically across cities.

  • Low Taxes

    Texas's low taxes draw in new residents, putting pressure on the already hot housing market in 2024. With no state income tax and a generally lower tax burden, Texas offers residents more disposable income, making it attractive to individuals and businesses.

    This, coupled with strong job growth, is pushing up housing demand. The Texas Real Estate Research Center predicts a 4.8% price increase in the housing market in 2024.

    Affordability concerns are rising as rapid population growth strains housing inventory and pushes prices beyond reach for some residents.

The Final Word

Remember, the "perfect" housing market in 2024 depends on your individual needs and priorities. Research specific cities, consider commute times and neighborhood vibes, and leverage online resources to make informed decisions.
With its diverse offerings and welcoming spirit, Texas awaits - discover your perfect piece of the Lone Star State!

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