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4 Benefits of Having a Full-Floor Residence

Gina Magaly Rodriguez February 12, 2024


More Privacy

Undoubtedly, a full-floor residence offers a heightened level of privacy because there aren’t any neighbors or strangers walking in the hallway right outside of your living space. This buffer between your home and the outside world has increasingly shown to be in demand among luxury buyers, particularly those who prefer a “low density” building with a small number of units.

No Shared Walls

Anyone who has ever had to share a wall with noisy neighbors can appreciate having a floor-through unit. This, of course, is one of the most common downsides of living in the city, as all it takes is a barking dog or unruly children next door to create endless frustration and disturbances, especially if you work from home. When the entire floor is comprised of living space, you’ll never have to worry about this again.

Panoramic Views

Many full-floor residences are also designed to capture 360-degree vistas. After all, if your living space is going to take up the entire floor, why not enjoy views in every direction? Additionally, this can help to ensure that an abundance of natural light floods through your home at all hours of the day, which is one of the rarest luxuries one can have when living in the city.

Extra Space

If nothing else, floor-through units deliver ample floor space on a single level, which can be hard to come by in the city. These large layouts can provide more flexibility for designing your ideal space without having to make any compromises. In particular, those who want to age in place in the city can have plenty of room for children and grandchildren while living on a single floor. 

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