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4 Types of Rooms Dedicated to Leisure Activities

Gina Magaly Rodriguez February 12, 2024


Wine Tasting Room

A wine cellar is a must-have feature for the true oenophile, but for those who want to take things a step further, a tasting room might be in order. These spaces are often designed on an intimate scale just outside the wine cellar, where a few people can comfortably gather to sip their favorite wines and snack on hors d’oeuvres in a setting that pays homage to the fruit of the vine.

Billiard Room

The billiard room is an enduring feature that has found its way into luxury homes for centuries. Of course, this space can have much more than just a billiard table, as they are commonly designed as game rooms complete with a card table, ping pong table and even a home bar. Whether you enjoy friendly competition or simply like to play games with the whole family, a billiard room is the perfect space for a wide array of leisure activities.

Cigar Room

Cigar aficionados are increasingly adding professionally designed cigar rooms to their homes. To do so, one of the most important features is a cutting-edge ventilation system that will filter the smoke out and replenish the room with fresh air from outside. The room should be well insulated and sealed from the rest of the home, as well as equipped with a humidor to properly store cigars. 

Screening Room

After a long day of work, sometimes the best activity is escaping to a dark screening room and binging your favorite show. One of the main benefits of a state-of-the-art home theater is that you are free of distractions and can enjoy watching the big screen without any interruptions.

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