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Advantages of Buying a Home Before Summer

Gina Magaly Rodriguez April 18, 2024


Less Competition

Buying a home in the spring may mean you’ll face less competition, which can mean a better chance of an accepted offer and a lower chance of entering a bidding war. Some buyers may start the homebuying process in the spring, so they aren’t ready to look at homes until early summer. Having your financing in order, a contract signed with a real estate agent, and your homebuying criteria finalized will help you be prepared to begin your home search during the spring.

More Inventory

With less competition, there may be more inventory available on the market. This means you’ll have a more comprehensive selection of homes to consider, helping you confidently extend an offer on your dream home. 

Potentially Faster Closing Process

The closing process may take longer in the summer due to the number of closings and scheduling around summer vacations. Inspectors, appraisers, and moving companies are all busier in the summer months, in addition to the inevitable summer vacation plans.

Possible Better Deals

Since there may be less competition, sellers may be more willing to negotiate with you on the sale price and terms of the offer. Less inventory and fewer buyers means you may have more leverage, which can ultimately mean a better price and more favorable terms. 

Settle In Before The New School Year

If you have children and you’re buying in a new school district, allowing your children to settle into a new home and meet new friends can be extremely beneficial to the transition. Having the time to get comfortable in your new home means your children can ideally tour the school, sign up for local camps, sports, and leagues, meet neighbors, and make the new house feel like home.

Opportunity to Enjoy Summer in Your New Home 

Whether you’re moving to gain more outdoor living space, a larger backyard, or a more expansive interior, enjoying your new home in the summer months can make the entire moving process feel worth it. Whether you’re enjoying the new space solo, with your immediate family, or hosting friends, relaxing in your new backyard with a cold beverage can feel like a vacation in your backyard.

Explore the Neighborhood

There’s no better time to explore a new neighborhood than in the summer when the days are longer, the sun is shining, and the local downtown area is bustling. From meeting neighbors outside to dining al fresco, soaking in your new neighborhood during the summer can make every day feel like a vacation.

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