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All About Spring-Inspired Textiles

Gina Magaly Rodriguez April 18, 2024



Cotton is a tried and true natural fabric selection that is breathable, stays cool, and softens over time. From the bedroom to a casual throw blanket, there are many ways you can incorporate cotton throughout your home to create a casually crisp, inviting atmosphere.
Where to use cotton:
  • Cotton sheets
    • Egyptian: High-quality, smooth and durable
    • Pima: More affordable than Egyptian cotton, but still durable and high-quality
    • Flannel: Best for cold sleepers and the winter months
    • Jersey: Feels like your favorite old t-shirt but isn’t as durable as Egyptian or Pima cotton
  • Cotton comforter or duvet
  • Cotton table cloth
  • Cotton throw blanket and pillows


Linen is airy, cooling, breathable, and even hypoallergenic. Linen is synonymous with warmer weather. From the upholstery to the window treatments, linen creates imagery of longer days filled with warmer temperatures and more sunshine.
Where to use linen:
  • Linen sheets
  • Linen comforter or duvet
  • Linen curtains or drapery
  • Linen upholstery, such as a linen sofa or chair


Plenty of patterns can make a room come alive, whether it’s floral, plaid, or stripes. Bringing in more patterns can help a room feel more lively and awake, which is ideal for spring.
Where to incorporate patterns:
  • Pillows are one of the easiest ways to update a space for a new season. Pillowcases in lighter hues, brighter patterns, or textured linen are all ways you can give your bed a visual summer refresh.
  • Patterned wallpaper
  • Patterned blankets
  • Patterned bedding elements, such as a new duvet cover or an end-of-bed blanket
  • Patterned upholstery, such as an ottoman, accent chair, or sofa. If any of your dining chairs or stools need a fabric refresh, recovering the seats with pattern fabric can help incorporate more pattern if you’re pattern-shy.
  • Patterned window treatments, such as a Roman shade or drapery panels

Natural Fibers

While natural fibers are perfect for a home year-round, bringing in more natural fibers during the spring can create a casually elegant atmosphere. From grounding a room with a natural fiber rug to creating more privacy with bamboo shades, natural fibers are an element that will work with any design style.
Where to incorporate natural fibers:
  • Natural fiber rugs, such as sisal jute
  • Bamboo shades
  • Grasscloth wallpaper or grasscloth-covered furniture, such as a console table or nightstand.
  • Furniture, such as rattan or wicker chairs, end tables, console tables or benches
  • Accessories, such as a rattan mirror, woven baskets
Whether you update smaller areas, such as throw pillows or bedding, or you’re investing in larger areas, such as upholstery or window treatments, textiles inspired by the warmer weather can give your home the seasonal refresh it needs.

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