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Secrets to Selling a Luxury Home. I Am Your Realtor!

Gina Magaly Rodriguez February 12, 2024


Partner With a Broker Who Specializes in Luxury Real Estate

If you’re selling a high-end home, it’s imperative you work with a real estate broker who understands the market and has proven experience with competitive luxury marketing plans. Tapping into your network is the best place to start finding a broker skilled at navigating this niche market. Social media is another place where you can research the brokers who cater to high-end buyers and sellers.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Staging

The most critical step before listing your home in the luxury housing market is to stage it. A professional stager will provide insight into what needs to be eliminated, added and any required cosmetic adjustments. Since luxury homes are often highly customized, much of this personalization needs to be eliminated before it goes to market, so potential buyers can envision themselves living there. A professional stager will also stage the house with the intent to sell, without having any emotional attachment, and will be able to highlight its unique features.

Take Aspirational, High-Quality Digital Assets

Listing photos and videos will be the most crucial step to getting your home in front of the most appropriate audience. The house should be styled in an aspirational way and will appeal to the most discerning buyers. Think of this photography session as an editorial shoot. These photos should also be high-quality and capture every exclusive detail of the home. A custom-made video and drone photographs are an essential piece of the overall digital marketing experience.

Create a Lifestyle Brand

An aspirational, lifestyle-focused brand is key to appealing to potential buyers on a more personal level. This type of distinct branding will most effectively target the most appropriate buyer for your property. Ideally, this branding will include a focused message, visual branding, highlight your property’s unique selling point and showcase the area’s local lifestyle. All marketing materials should align with this branding.

Skip the Open House

Open houses for luxury homes can often end up being entertainment for curious neighbors and those who simply want to take a peek at a beautiful house. Broker open houses, private showings and exclusive, invite-only events are typically more successful strategies to showcase luxury listings. Don’t be surprised if your real estate broker hosts a high-end event on your property, complete with catering, event decor and even entertainment. This grandeur level can help both brokers communicate an aspirational lifestyle to qualified clients and help other invitees envision themselves living the lifestyle.
While your real estate broker will guide the marketing strategy for your luxury home, it’s helpful to understand how the process will unfold and the crucial elements that go into selling a high-end property. 

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