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What to Consider When Buying a Seasonal Home

Gina Magaly Rodriguez February 21, 2024


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Since you’re home searching out of state, it may be more challenging to find a real estate agent and thoroughly vet them. Reach out to friends, family and acquaintances who may already live in the area of interest to see if they have any recommendations. Since this may take longer, it’s best to start interviewing real estate agents before you begin your home search.

Understand Proximity to Essential Locations

While not an everyday need, easy access to a hospital is a benefit that will go a long way in an emergency. Knowing how far the closest hospital, doctors in your coverage network, and police and fire facilities should all be considered during your search. Additionally, living in an area with an airport in reasonable proximity can make traveling to and from your new season easier.

Familiarize Yourself With the Area

Whether you’re a snowbird looking for a winter home or you’re looking for a mountain vacation home, the surrounding area will have a significant impact on how you enjoy spending your time in your seasonal home. Thoroughly tour the area, assessing the restaurants, shopping, entertainment options, and any other locations that will help you enjoy your time away. 

Consider the Number of Guest Bedrooms

If you’re planning on hosting guests often, consider how many guest bedrooms you will need. If having family and friends visit is important to you, you may decide to increase the number of spare rooms you initially thought you needed. Alternatively, if you want your seasonal home to be a personal escape retreat, you can always scale back on the space to accommodate overnight guests.

Look Into Rental Possibilities

Are you buying the home solely for your personal use? Or will you rent it out when you’re not there? If you intend to rent out the property, looking into the community’s covenants and regulations is essential to ensure this is possible. Often, communities and buildings have rules about renting out homes.

Read the Hoa Rules Carefully

If a home you’re interested in is in an HOA-run community, it’s essential to review the HOA rules thoroughly before you extend an offer. If the rules are too restrictive, this could be a dealbreaker.

Determine the walkability

If you’re moving to an area of the country known for its sunny, warm winters, being able to walk to coffee shops, restaurants, and shops may top your priority list. Determine how feasible walking to these locations is from any homes that may appeal to you. On a map, it may say the nearest grocery store is a short walk. However, you may discover this means crossing a busy highway or walking on streets without sidewalks.

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